The Female College Youth- A Micro Poem

I went to college in the 90’s when most women still went to college to find a husband. I was in the minority, raised by a widowed mom, and who felt an education was one thing no one could take from you. Life throws curve balls of death and divorce, and back then an education meant for a female to have a good job that didn’t equate to making coffee. I loved my college experience. I traveled. I interned in the capital. I loved it so much I continued to go to school and now teach at a college. It’s inspirational to see how the youth changes over the decades, but it still holds an optimism of hope and faith of progress. The women have changed, too. They elude confidence of independence. They are more secure in what they can offer the world at such a young age. I am honored to be a part of their experience. I came across a student’s update tonight, and her picture depicted this ideal of promise perfectly. A man washing the street and her basking in the rainbow.

This is Alejandra. She is from Mexico. She’s given me permission to use her name and picture. Her simple update makes a perfect micro poem. This is her; in her words and in her strength of promise.

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

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Dog In Nature- A Haiku

My dog has been a family member since we rescued him five years ago. He sleeps with the kids, hikes with us, is always happy to see anyone that will pet him. He’s fiercely loyal and always protective. He waits everyday so patiently for his walk. Say the word he’s ready to go! He loves nature and the outdoors. His ears bounce and his tail wags. The modern world can learn a lot from such a loyal friend that sometimes the simplicity of nature is all we need to be content. The last line can be interpreted in a couple of ways!

Nose full of the earth

Grass squishes under the feet

Leaves pet fur saying hello

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A Daughter’s Spirit- Micro Poetry

Micro poetry has become rather trendy with social media sites like Twitter. It’s like a blink into the heart of the poet. This year I watched my daughter grow from a quiet elementary schooler to a full blown middle schooler full of hormones and mood swings. More importantly, she has started to grow into such an amazing young woman. I see it. I hold onto her little fingers that I remember at four and it’s melancholy the time is going so quickly.

Her once smooth hair has become a feisty crazy tussle of chaos.



Picture Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels

Clean – Stream of Consciousness Poetry

Tossing turning washing cleaning

flat pillows fall to the floor

cases wither into a heap


foaming bubbles then spun around again and again wringing and spinning the machine finally goes quiet the cloth now clean and to be fluffed with anew

Pillows fill with air and the cases now porous with fresh air. for a night.

Sweet dreams on pillows washed clean

Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 2018

Determination and Growth – A Haiku Poem

Spring is here! New growth means new beginnings in nature and in many relationships or life goals. This pays homage to time, the rain, and the growth.

The rain determined

Fed the plants and flower seeds

They are now blooming

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Unprepared- Free Verse


In the academic world, we often assess how we are doing through tests and exams. Formal assessments are cringe worthy. Did I study enough? Do I know enough? Life often tests us on things that the only teacher is experience.

A test of time

A test of patience

A test of love

of devotion

of loyalty true

A test of forgiveness

of lonliness

of memories kept safely away

All had been studied and repeated and known so well

The final test of walking away

running to the unknown

crawling and broken with a shattered heart

was a test she was never prepared for

She was free from and free to and yet completely caged in by past

Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels

The Sound of Silence- Diamante Poem


lightning-storm-weather-sky-53459.jpegSometimes no response is still a response. Other times it’s thunder, or a gentle rain of tears. You can’t enjoy the sun if you don’t appreciate the rain.


static upsetting

yelling fighting raging

darkness loudness quietness solitude

thinking reflecting sleeping

dark sad


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