Studying in College – An Acrostic Poem

College nights full of last minute deadlines and semester final exams. I always loved how everyone was up late night frantically writing papers, ordering pizza, getting coffees.  The since of urgency and panic that was the natural onset before a major break was one that only a college student understood.

Students procrastinate and worry

Tonight is the night before with hot pizza and baggy pj’s

Underlining textbooks and highlighting notes

Dogma and critical thinking

Youthful minds are changing

In the dark of the night

New ideas meld to the notes that were taken weeks ago late until the sun rises

Good morning and good luck


Paths – Free Verse

Picture Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

Sometimes paths can lead us to places we never thought. I went to northern Florida to camp this weekend, and these paths lead to amazing underground caves and beautiful waterfalls. Figuratively, sometimes paths and choices in life are much harder to make. They take us on twists and turns that weren’t expected and disappointing dead ends. The journey as it turns out is pretty much the same though. The hills and valleys along with the sights and scenery that is forever imprinted in our memories and our hearts. In the end, it is like a canvas that we painted. We chose the colors and patterns and how the masterpiece would look in the end.

The paths we seek and canvas paintings we paint

go in different directions

and strokes of color fall

while one is light and one is dark

both paintings hang together on the

stark white wall

The choices made of the colors that swirl

The paths that meet under the oyster of a pearl

One is black and one is white one is dark and one is light.

Picture Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 
Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

Joyful – A Cinquain Poem

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I have weekends that I look forward to so much to spend time with family and friends. I love planning out the weekend if I don’t decide to have a long lazy unplanned weekend (those kind of weekends are just as nice indeed!). Yet, there is something to be said about anticipation of joy. It gives added energy to happiness. We have so many moments in life that can be redundant, or routine, or full of obligations. When you look forward to something or someone, it is those moments that you are consciously aware of the absolute joy and the waiting was worth while. You want to just hang onto that moment but ultimately it slips away as time always does.


excited curious

waiting wishing wondering

A forever minute to never want the time to end


Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

Picture Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

Summer Giggles- An Acrostic Poem

Summer started last week for the  kids. This means hours of catching up on sleep, a much larger grocery bill, and lazy days filled with sunshine kisses and pool drenched towels. It’s in the lazy days of summer though that I notice my kids grow inches and change so much. Perhaps it’s all the sleep they get, the extra food they consume, or just being able to stretch and relax. I love that we can stay up late and there are no alarms that are set for the morning (except for mine of course!). There is more time to bake in the kitchen and take the dog out on late night strolls to look at the stars. These are the cherished moments as a mom I have during the summer time.

Sleepy days upon


Moving slowly in the heat

Making brownies with giggly girls

Endless starry nights

Remembering youth

Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

Students of the Past



I love when my students agree that I can put their link on here, so I can show their work and a piece of the amazing spirits I experience during the school year. I have been teaching for so many years and wish I could remember all of them. Thousands at this point have come and gone through my classroom. I have been able to begin to capture some of them through their links. They come from lands all over the world for an education and adventure. They are one of the largest components of my own life’s travels. I travel with them through their first weeks here and I here stories of their families and food, their childhoods and towns. They are my heart and I love them like my own.

Their sites are built within a month with the hopes they may one day return to them to see how far they have come in their language skills and their own journey of growth. I love to visit their sites and it is truthfully a bit of my own scrapbook of students of the past that live within my heart forever. Often as a teacher, you end up getting so much in return than you give that is invaluable to your own journey. On their sites you will find a bio, a integrative learning assignment, poetry of different kinds, an example paragraph, and a self reflection.

Visit this blog often as it will be updated with new students monthly. ✌️


Vinicius (Spring 2018) “The most important [thing that] you have to know about me is that I am a big dreamer.”


Picture Copyright (C) Vinicius Prado
Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

All pictures and names have been used with permission or have been changed to protect identity.


Eddie Young  (June 2018)”Game art is my passion.”

Yang Wang (July 2018) “debate on things not people.”


Jehun Sung (July 2018) “Who gives happiness, trust and sympathy.”

Tony Kwon (June 2018) “I want to give wish and dream to children using my imagination. This is my dream.”


Picture Copyright (C) Tony Kwon
Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

All pictures and names have been used with permission or have been changed to protect identity.

Simon Kwon (June 2018) “I’m a game design.”


Francisco (June 2018) “I am a software development student.”


Picture Copyright (C) Francisco Pino
Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 

All pictures and names have been used with permission or have been changed to protect identity.


The Female College Youth- A Micro Poem

I went to college in the 90’s when most women still went to college to find a husband. I was in the minority, raised by a widowed mom, and who felt an education was one thing no one could take from you. Life throws curve balls of death and divorce, and back then an education meant for a female to have a good job that didn’t equate to making coffee. I loved my college experience. I traveled. I interned in the capital. I loved it so much I continued to go to school and now teach at a college. It’s inspirational to see how the youth changes over the decades, but it still holds an optimism of hope and faith of progress. The women have changed, too. They elude confidence of independence. They are more secure in what they can offer the world at such a young age. I am honored to be a part of their experience. I came across a student’s update tonight, and her picture depicted this ideal of promise perfectly. A man washing the street and her basking in the rainbow.

This is Alejandra. She is from Mexico. She’s given me permission to use her name and picture. Her simple update makes a perfect micro poem. This is her; in her words and in her strength of promise.

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 2018

Dog In Nature- A Haiku

My dog has been a family member since we rescued him five years ago. He sleeps with the kids, hikes with us, is always happy to see anyone that will pet him. He’s fiercely loyal and always protective. He waits everyday so patiently for his walk. Say the word he’s ready to go! He loves nature and the outdoors. His ears bounce and his tail wags. The modern world can learn a lot from such a loyal friend that sometimes the simplicity of nature is all we need to be content. The last line can be interpreted in a couple of ways!

Nose full of the earth

Grass squishes under the feet

Leaves pet fur saying hello

Copyright (C) Fatima Sparrow’s Travels 2018